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Local Attractions

Baytree Owl & Wildlife Centre

Baytree Owl & Wildlife Centre has a rich history as a prominent owl and bird of prey facility in Lincolnshire, offering enjoyable and cost-effective family outings for more than three decades. With a diverse range of avian species, including native British wildlife, their collection comprises over 100 birds actively participating in worldwide conservation endeavours via their highly effective breeding initiatives.

01406 258228

Bird of prey

Spalding Gentleman's Society Museum

The Museum presents a captivating assortment of regional and global artefacts, complemented by a noteworthy library and archive, evoking a sense of history and discovery.

Established more than three centuries ago as an esteemed scholarly organisation, it continues to flourish, welcoming both enthusiastic members and visitors, while accommodating researchers during designated hours.

Exterior of Spalding Gentleman's Society

Willow Tree Fen Nature Reserve

Experience the hidden fenland of Lincolnshire at Willow Tree Fen, an ex-cultivated farmland turned nature sanctuary teeming with vibrant fauna. With the resurgence of water, a plethora of wildlife has also made its home here. Keep an eye out for shelduck, snipe, and the enchanting common spotted orchids.


Pulvertoft Flowers

Experience a monthly series of workshops centred around the captivating world of flowers. These engaging sessions take place in our picturesque flower field and charming barn, inviting individuals to discover new abilities, revel in joyful moments, and relish in outdoor camaraderie. Delight in an imaginative haven where flowers, nature, and the environment hold profound significance.

07931 363256

House and bucket of flowers

Chain Bridge Forge

Explore the historical blacksmith workshop from the late 1700s, nestled along the scenic banks of the River Welland in Spalding. At this remarkable venue, skilled blacksmith Ryan Atkin invites you to witness the traditional craft of blacksmithing. With expertise in restoration and repair, he also welcomes custom commissions and provides one-of-a-kind opportunities to delve into the art of traditional blacksmithing through immersive learning experiences within the forge's storied walls.

07960 587724

Forge flames close up

Ayscoughfee Hall

Located within a sprawling expanse of 5.5 acres, Ayscoughfee Hall offers a captivating opportunity to delve into the rich history of Spalding. Nestled alongside the hall, the picturesque Ayscoughfee Gardens span an additional 5 acres, seamlessly harmonizing with the esteemed Ayscoughfee Hall Museum. Adorned with a charming Yew Tree pathway that traces its roots back to the 1720s, these gardens enchant visitors with their timeless allure. Gracing the Ornamental Lake is a distinguished War Memorial, meticulously crafted by renowned architect Sir Edwin Lutyens and proudly recognised as a grade I listed structure. Tucked away discreetly behind the gardens lies the Ice House, an erstwhile culinary haven catering to the needs of the hall's kitchens.

01775 764555

Ayscoughfee Hall

Holbeach Royal Observer Corps Underground Monitoring Post

The Lincolnshire Heritage Trust was presented with an undamaged shelter close to Holbeach in southern Lincolnshire and willingly accepted it with the intention of safeguarding it for future generations. In 1955, the governing body at the time restructured the Royal Observer Corps (ROC), which had been disbanded after the war. During World War II, their primary responsibility was to detect and identify approaching enemy aircraft. However, their role changed to manning monitoring stations for nuclear bombs. Initially, these stations were located above ground, but over time, subterranean chambers were built.

Holbeach Bunker

Moulton Windmill

Moulton Mill holds the distinction of being the tallest windmill in the nation, boasting an impressive height of 100 feet up to the pinnacle of its cap.

01406 373237

Moulton Windmill
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